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Never Forgotton  -  5.1% ABV
American Lager - O'so Brewing

Nice, bright, and full sweet grain flavor with a bitter, hop finish.

Badger Club. -  5.5% ABV
Amber Lager - Lake Louie Brewing

An easy-drinking amber with delicious malt flavor and balanced flavor.

Sütterbräu  -  4.3% ABV
Hefeweizen - McFleshman's Brewing

Wheat beer with banana + clove aromas and flavor. Malty center and a crisp finish.

Fruited Wheat Beer - Hinterland
Door County Cherry Wheat  -  5.4% ABV

 With Classic Door County cherry flavor, this medium-light body beer has a mild, tart finish.

WI Belgian Red  -  4.0% ABV
Fruit and Field - New Glarus

Brewed with tart cherries, WI wheat, and Belgian roasted barley. Then, aged in oak tanks and balanced with hops.

Green 19  -  6.4% ABV
American IPA - Title Town Brewing

Citrus-hop forward flavor balanced by complex malts to create this exceptional IPA. Go Pack Go!

Good Dog Porter  -  4.7% ABV
Porter - Zambaldi Brewing

Starts with semi-sweet mocha and roasted malt flavors and finishes with a pleasant, lasting bitterness.

Citrus Sour Radler - Stubborn Brothers Brewing
Drop Top  -  4.5% ABV

This easy-drinking brew is the perfect blend of tart beer and SunDrop soda.

Blonde Belgian  -  7.1% ABV
Blonde Ale - Noble Roots

Belgian yeast brings fruity, bubble gum esters to this old world style with a dry finish.

Northern Gold  -  5.9% ABV
Citra Lager - Rail House Brewing

Golden, single malt brew with tropical fruit flavors and a crisp finish.

Czech Pilsner  -  5.5% ABV
Czech-Style Pilsner - Potosi

Clean malt taste and crisp floral finish brought by Czech style hops and WI malted barley.

American Lager - O'so Brewing
Never Forgotten  -  5.1% ABV

Nice, bright, and full sweet grain flavor with a bitter, hop finish.

Upward Spiral  -  6.5% ABV
West Coast IPA - Third Space

A custom blend of six hops pair with a light malt base to create this intensely aromatic and delightfully drinkable West Coast style

Pomegranate Pucker  -  3.1% ABV
Sour Berliner Weisse - Copper State Brewing

Balanced tangy and tart with a light pomegranate sweetness, this brew is quaffable and refreshing with a clean finish

Peanut Butter Midnight Confection  -  6.8% ABV
Chocolate Stout - Noble Roots

With bready, roasted malt flavor and English hops + yeast, this peanut butter chocolate stout really is a treat!

Farmhouse Ale - New Glarus
Spotted Cow  -  4.8% ABV

Cask conditioned ale brewed with pilsner malt, white wheat, and caramel malt. Fun, fruity, and satisfying.

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